Greetings all, haven't posted anything here in years but I always check the forum time to time to see whats new.
Have not had any major issues at KSAT except for a couple years ago when an FBO claimed I was leaning over the perimeter fence, that was a 3 officer response by Airport PD. It was actually kinda funny after they put their guns away and I explained to an officer I know "You're taller than me, I'll give you a $100 if you can physically 'lean over' the fence, its impossible". I tried to get them to write up the caller for filing a false report but they said they don't have the number the call came from, thats not true.
So recently Boeing stated sending completed 737 MAX down to their facility for storage at Kelly field/LacklandAFB (KSKF) its a joint use field co-owned by USAF and City of San Antonio. I've been lucky enough to catch quite a few of them as they arrive, sometimes 3 a day. 2 weeks ago a tow truck driver from the property next to where I park stopped by me and pointed out the No Photography, Video, Parking and Loitering sign across the street on the airport fence and went to say he has seen MPs with guns out before! I expained to him this is a public street, I'm nowhere near that fence, and that sign can't be enforced due to the 1st admendment issues and this area would be under SAPD jurisdiction. He said don't say I didn't warn you and I thanked him for his concern. Stayed about another hour for the last MAX for the day with no issues.
No problems last week until last Thursday when a Ford F150 pulls up next to me, it has some of the flashing lights on front window, front and top but no markings as to Police or security, I roll down the window and he pointed out the sign and told me to leave. I asked who he was, he stated he was with 'flight line'. I turned camera on video before I asked what relative ordinance is behind the sign, that confused him, I explained you have to have a actual law or regulation to back up the sign and this is a public street. I hear Air Canada on scanner 5 miles out at the same time he tells me to leave again, told him I'm not leaving so he calls 'security force'on radio and tells them I'm not leaving, they took a while to respond finally saying they're on the way, Air Canada went around for some reason, maybe the monkey paw/bad mojo that guy brought, got some shots and started my truck and said he was detaining me and I cant't leave, whatevers! I headed back towards the highway and about 15 seconds later he is right on my bumper with his lights flashing all the way up to the stop light, that was the longest red light ever, I kept watching my mirror to see if he was going to get out, thank God he didn't and the light :finally changed and he did a U-turn and went back and stopped by a Gold Suburban by approach lights. I went
down highway and turned around and stopped in grass along access road well before approach lights and noted 2 suburbans now, both persons have shirts like his and one has 4 kids with him holding their phones up as a C-5 came over them on approach. Okay, got shots of that, they can do it but I can't? I waited there for the last MAX of the day about 15 minutes and as luck would have it, it got waved off way out and all I got was belly shots of it.
On the way home I stopped at the SAPD sub-station in my area and requested an officer so I could file a report of him chasing me and rights violation. Those 2 women who work the counter couldn't have been more ignorant, they wanted to know every little detail of what happened and everything I said was answered with well maybe this, maybe that? WTF really? So an officer finally did arrive and I told him of the events and provided them the pictures of his truck, lights and plate# and with his photo. The officer used to work that area and was fimiliar with it, he agreed it is city property and most certainly chasing me with red/blue lights was a big no-no. He said the signs could be a grey area and he would look into it, I stressed the 1st admendment issue and explained I'm not one of those 'auditors' that make videos standing outside the gate or other government facility pissing people off, I'm just there for the MAX planes and how the city recently got itself in a legal bind with the airport and decision to keep Chik-fil-a out of consessions due to their view against a certain group of people and how the city always jumps thru hoops and accomadates them, (the statement from the city was we want everyone to feel welcome at airport) except if you have a big lens and camera lol. My rights are just as important as theirs, he agreed, gave me a case# to follow up after they contact the guy in truck.
Friday, I called Lackland public affairs about what happened and she agreed Security can not run me off and surely shouldn't chase me, but they don't want people there, too much sensitive equipment? I explained I'm by end of runway and at least a mile from the actual AFB, the runway is shared, everything in the background is city owned. So she refered me to legal dept. of base. I called them and was on hold for 15-20 before a guy came on who was like I know why you're calling what do you expect us to do? Start by taking the signs down since no one can actually back them with a relevant law, okay what else he said, tell your people to stand down on this issue or call SA police, okay anything else he said again, I said not really and he hung up. Guess I should have recorded the calls or got their full names and title, my F-up.
So I have to wait a couple days for the report to be finalized and if the prosecutor wants to persue it.

Until then these are my most recent from that area