Hej everybody!

this is my final post of my trip to Hong Kong and Singapore. The last day was a long day. I had a late check-out at 2PM, but my flight back to Amsterdam departed at 01.35, so quite some time left for spotting.

Singapore is traffic-wise an interesting airport to spot. Lots of nice airlines giving you a nice variety. Spotting itself at Singapore is challenging. If you have the budget, a Superior Runway View Room at the Crowne Plaza makes things easy. From the room you can spot until around 14.00. After that you can move to the Viewing Mall in Terminal 1. However, not all traffic is passing the Viewing Mall, which means it can be quiet now and then. If you are a numbercruncher, then it doesn't matter as you can still see planes departing or arriving. There are spots around the perimeter, but during the winter months the runway usage is not really convenient for those. So, something to remember.

Enough talking, here is my selection of my last day of spotting.

1. Emergency ISO3200 shot at 7AM in the morning of this A330-300F of Air Hong Kong. Then it was time for breakfast :)
A333F-AHK-EIHEB-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

2. How nice to catch this B737-800 of Malaysia in the retro-livery!
B738-MAS-9MMXA-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

3. ANA Cargo B767-300F arriving from Tokyo:
B763F-ANA-JA604F-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

4. Very colorful special livery on this AirAsia A320:
A320-AAS-9MAJD-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

5. The day before Flightradar24 said they would send a B787, but it ended up being this B767-300ER:
B763-UZB-UK67003-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

6. Note the open cockpitwindow of this very pretty KC-135R of the RSAF:
KC135-RSAF-750-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

7. Hadn't seen this Lion Air Group airline yet; Batik Malaysia:
B738-BTK-9MLNC-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

8. Only a few days ago EVA Air Cargo ended operating their B744Fs:
B744F-EVA-B16406-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

9. Air India Express with a pretty deer on the tail:
B738-AIX-VTAYB-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

And that was spotting from the hotel. Time to check-out at the hotel and check-in for the flight back and do some spotting from the terminal.

10. Hmm... Is this also a retro of Malaysia? :D
B738-MAS-9MMLH-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

11. Philippines A330-300 arriving at Terminal 1:
A333-PAL-RPC8785-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

12. Extra long A350 of Qatar:
A351-QTR-A7ANC-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

13. Always nice to catch an Ethiopian:
B788-ETH-ETATK-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

14. Because of Chinese New Year, Malaysia send an A330-200 to Singapore and a very nice one!
A332-MAS-9MMTZ-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

15. A way better shot than a few days ago of a Biman B787-8:
B788-BIM-S2AJS-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

16. And I end this set with this B777-200 of Thai.
B772-TGA-HSTJA-SIN01feb19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

As usual, you can see all pictures by following this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeli...h/40317207723/

I hope you enjoyed my reports and that the information is of help for anyone planning to visit the same airports.

Until next time!