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Thread: Hong Kong 27-01-2019

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    Hong Kong 27-01-2019

    Hej everybody!

    Here is a selection of pictures of my second day at Hong Kong Airport. Or, better said, a little over a half day as the rest of the day and evening was spend in the city. This day I decided to spot at the airport observation point at Sha Lo Wan. You can reach this spot by taking an almost two hour long hike from Tung Chung Station or, like I did, take the ferry from Tung Chung. So, in the morning I made my way to the ferry pier for the 08.55 Fortune Ferry-ferry to Sha Lo Wan. Unfortunately the ferry was full and boarding was not allowed anymore. The next ferry would depart an hour later. I was already moving back to the Tung Chung mall to bridge the time when other passengers approached me if I wanted to join them on a private taxi-boat. Sure, why not. Within five minutes the taxi boat arrived and together with six local people we boarded and headed for Sha Lo Wan.

    A little advantage of the private boat was that it used a different pier in Sha Lo Wan, which meant less walking to the spotting point. Thanks to various spotting sites, I found my way easily and reached the spot quickly. From the observation point you have a very good view over the airport and especially on runway 07R, the main departing runway when on 07-operations. The day started rather sunny, but later on it became hazy on the airfield. On the observation point it was quite sunny, but further below it was a little gloomy now and then. A downside of this spot is that you are experiencing quite some heat waves due to the distance.

    Anyhow, enough talking, here are some pictures! As always, you can see all pictures by following the link at the end of this post.

    1. Garuda's sole B737MAX8 is lined up on the runway and ready for its flight back to Jakarta:
    B738M-GIA-PKGDA-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    2. Nice! My first airplane from Nepal (and Nepal Airlines):
    A320-NEP-9NAKX-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    3. Lot's of Cathay of course
    B773-CPA-BKQG-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    4. Hong Kong is the biggest cargo airport in the world, meaning you can also spot some cargo traffic like this one from Ethiopian:
    B772F-ETH-ETARJ-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    5. This A321 of HK Express is flying in the U Reward-livery, the frequent flyer program of the airline:
    A321-HKX-BLEJ-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    6. Colorful Cebu Pacific is operating several flights a day with A330s and the A320:
    A320-CBU-RPC3262-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    7. Hong Kong Airlines is also operating a fleet of A330-200Fs:
    A332F-HKG-BLNZ-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    8. Anonymous B747-400F from Moldova:
    B744F-ATG-ERJAI-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    9. Also based at Hong Kong is the Government Flying Service which flies with helicopters and this CL-605:
    CL605-GFS-BLVB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    10. This Puma of the GFS was doing some training flights around the airport:
    AS332-GFS-BRHL-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    11. Air Asia from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines were spotted this day, including some of their A320neos:
    A320-AAS-9MAJN-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    12. Oneworld-jet of Finnair lining up:
    A359-FIN-OHLWB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    13. China Airlines is also a frequent visitor with various equipment; B737, A330, A350 and B747-400:
    A359-CAL-B18915-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    14. There was also some bizjet-activity, like this Global Express:
    BD700-PVT-VPCEW-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    15. Another chopper from the GFS, this time a EC155 Puma:
    EC155-GFS-BHRV-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    16. Since December last year SpiceJet is in the cargo business with this SpiceXpress B737-700F!
    B737F-SPC-VTSFB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    17. Cathay Dragon also has a Spirit of Hong Kong liveried A330:
    A333-DRG-BHYB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    18. Biggie from Aeroflot:
    B773-AFL-VQBQF-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    19. Pretty exotic B737-800 from Myanmar National Airlines:
    B738-MYA-XYALB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    20. Special stickers on this worn looking T'Way:
    B738-TWY-HL8294-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    21. Nice to catch this one!
    B763-MIA-JU1021-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    22. The freighters of Air Hong Kong normally move during the night, so this was a nice bonus and landing on the main departing runway as well!
    A300F-AHK-BLDB-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    23. Next to the usual Chinese carriers, you can also spot some different ones like this Spring Airlines:
    A320-SPR-B1025-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    24. And Shandong Airlines:
    B738-SDA-B5627-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    25. And I end this set with another exotic plane, this A319 from Lanmei Airlines from Cambodia:
    A319-LNM-XU971-HKG27jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    Hope you liked them! You can see all pictures at:

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    What an amazing variety, thanks so much for posting and for all the detailed comments

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    Wow- that is a great mixture!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Those would be great additions to our Photo Hangar if you would consider it!! :)
    Mark Lawrence - KFLL
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