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Thread: KJFK - 12/3/18

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    KJFK - 12/3/18

    I was up on Long Island for a few days last week - had to cut the trip short because of silliness in Charlotte - but I managed to grab a couple of hours at JFK on Monday afternoon. I had to fight a little in and out sun, but it turned out to be a good afternoon. Hard to believe it was my only JFK spotting trip in 2018. I've been up several times for family stuff, but timing or the weather never worked out right.

    Progress continues on the TWA Hotel.

    I think this is the first A350 I've shot.

    Our 200th Aircraft

    I haven't seen Thomas Cook at JFK before!

    "Fewer Delays, Faster Flights" titles

    Former Virgin America A320 in Alaska colors - first I've seen.

    Iberia new colors

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    Great set Moose.... missed ya by few days. I spotted on 7th/8th. Happy Holidays


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    Late post by me but some nice jets you caught there Moose. Had no idea Ukraine was flying T7's


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