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Thread: Former Runway 14/32 at JFK

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    Former Runway 14/32 at JFK

    Hi All,
    Been awhile since I checked in on the forums here....hope all is well! Anyways I was wondering if anyone has any historical info on the old runway 14/32 at JFK (today it is a taxiway connecting the ends of 22L and 22R. Does anyone know when this short runway became a taxiway? Was it used by STOL aircraft like Pan Am's Old Dash 7s?

    Any info (or pics) would be appreciated!

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    I think there's an old thread in here somewhere where the old runway configuration was discussed. I'm talking like 5 years ago or so. I thought I had downloaded the image of it that someone posted but now I can't find it

    Could be wrong but I don't think 14/32 was still active when the Dash 7's were around, someone can correct me on that if needed

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    According to Wikipedia, that runway was used by GA, STOL and other commuter flights. Not sure, but guessing it was around 2,000ft. Apparently it closed as a runway in 1990. I do recall seeing planes, like Shorts 360s using it while they were landing the big jets on 31L and R.


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