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Thread: PANYNJ - Bombogenesis 1/5/2018

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    PANYNJ - Bombogenesis 1/5/2018

    Don't blame the airlines or the FAA for on the ongoing delay's for airliners waiting for a terminal gate at JFK. Blame this one on the PANYNJ for poor management and foresight. The PANYNJ should have put some sort of restrictions for the amount of inbound flights the airport could handle due to the limited amount of gates available. As a spotter, I was out this morning and passed through the field around 0830 and notice plenty of international arrivals parked by the de-icing tent area (which I didn't know were there waiting for a gate with passenger's onboard). Later in the day around noon time those same aircraft and other's were positioned there and still waiting.

    The PANYNJ was totally in my opinion unprepared to handle the massive amount of inbound aircrafts, an aviation bombogenesis that just keeps getting worse. Additionally, if the PANYNJ had individuals that had foresight they could have a least configured the old TowerAir (Hangar 17) terminal to process arriving passenger's and luggage in emergency situations like this, just to ONLY handle arriving passenger's instead of having them stranded on the tarmac for hours.

    Let's hope the PANYNJ learns a lesson from this aviation bombogenesis.

    A view from HoBe on Jan 6th of the various aircraft waiting for a gate. Note: The Azerbaijan 787 arrived around 0915 and the photo below was taken around noon time. So approximately 3 hrs and waiting.

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    Dude are you even surprised that happened? If they can't keep those turtles off the active runways how can they be expected to handle this

    That bay is totally frozen! Unreal


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