Hi, everybody!

I made this same thread last year and nothing came of it, but I figured I would try again since this community has grown substantially.

Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 has served me extremely well for three years with relatively light use, but my wedding photography has taken a huge upwards swing and it's time to optimize my gear for that rather than aviation.

Here is the product page for the Sigma: https://www.sigmaphoto.com/lenses/telephoto-lenses/120-300mm-f28-dg-os-hsm-s
Here is the B&H Product Listing showing a retail price of $3,399: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/909812-REG/Sigma_137101_120_300mm_f_2_8_DG_OS.html

I can, of course, provide images of my lens if someone is interested. This lens is, without a doubt, the best lens I've ever used for spotting. It is incredibly sharp, does not suffer any of the focus issues the Sigma prime lenses are prone to, and the level of chromatic aberration or distortion is negligible. The lens has been maintained impeccably (other than a few marks from general use like a scuff on the lens hood) and comes with all caps, hoods, and cases. I have all of the original boxes and documentation.

Hopefully someone here has a need for a lens like this, otherwise it's off to eBay, where I'll get smacked with their crazy new fees!