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Thread: KCLT - 1/20/17

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    KCLT - 1/20/17

    I was up on the hourly deck at CLT this evening, around 7:30, and I had a CMPD officer stop by - the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police patrol the airport. He got out of his car, came over, and asked if I was taking photos. I said yes, and he said "I tell everyone this is a great spot for skyline pictures!" We chatted about photography for a few minutes - I think I've spoken with him up there before.

    He said there had been a few vehicle break ins, so they were keeping an eye on things. I told him if I saw anything funny while I was out, I'd certainly call it in, and he said we all need to work as a team to keep things safe. Some of these folks get it!

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    Amen!! Some do - what a great positive experience!
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    Nice Moose! Now if there were more like him around.
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