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Thread: Suzie's Pride - Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary

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    Suzie's Pride - Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary

    I visited Suzie's Pride in Rockwell, NC today, it's about half an hour north of Charlotte. They are a Big Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, providing care for unwanted, abused and neglected big cats from private owners, commercial entities, zoos and other sanctuaries. They are home to a lion and six tigers, including a 4 month old white tiger cub.

    This is Hobbes - at 17, she's the oldest tiger they currently have, and she's quite the ham. She was laying down, looking to be sleeping, until the she heard the shutters clicking, then she sat up and posed for us!

    Why Grandma, what a big tongue you have!

    The white tiger cub was a big hit with the photographers!

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    WOW - stunning John!!!

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