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    Always wanted to go back since i first went there in 1982 on a Haj for 3 months.
    Immigration - 90 minute queue it was quiet!. Immigration Officers just wonder off as they see fit, squabble with each other and call people up out of sequence.
    Taxi Airport to Hotel. Got ripped as expected. You get pestered as soon as you walk out of arrivals
    Driving - As expected this place is top 5 for crap driving, they have leveled most roundabouts as they are just tooooo crazy to get them
    JED Terminal - new airport next year the sooner the better. SV are no where near QR/EK/EY for customer service on the ground, ties un done chewing gum etc.
    Departures Hall - you need your sense of humour, 2 security scans and inspection of carry on stuff. Lots of angry pax (for whatever reason) toilets - few punters trying to stand in the wash basins
    Flew Saudia 777 - not in the league of QR/EK/EY but actually quiet pleasant even being a Westerner.
    Jeddah in itself - Very nice place (for a man)

    Pictures - I'm not stupid so limited

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    That does not sound like a fun airport to be at...for spotting OR transiting through


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