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Thread: KPHL - 5/23/16

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    KPHL - 5/23/16

    Heading back to Long Island for the Jones Beach show, and I made a quick stop at PHL this afternoon. They were landing 27 when I got there, but by the time I took a quick lap around to see what was going on, they had switched to the 9s.

    US Airways N113UW that was damaged during the rejected take off in February 2014.

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    Some nice shots there John, I would have joined you had I not needed to be at work...and I'm surprised that damaged A320 is still there

    All I can say about PHL vs JFK is that while the range of carriers may not be as least a runway switch doesn't have to involve a 20 minute drive and the risk of missing an aircraft lol!

    Feel free to PM me should you end up around these parts in the future



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