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Thread: Hickory Aviation Museum - EA-6B Prowler Retirement

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    Hickory Aviation Museum - EA-6B Prowler Retirement

    The latest addition to the Hickory Aviation Museum, a Grumman EA-6B Prowler from VMAQT-1 at MCAS Cherry Point, was flown in today.

    The gentleman with the flight crew is one of our museum members - he's a 92 year old retired Marine. He enlisted during WWII, was selected for flight school as the war ended, and flew Corsairs as a flying sergeant. Commissioned after the Korean War, he flew F7Fs, Skyraiders, recon Banshees, and A-4s. He then transitioned to rotary wing, and served two tours in Viet Nam, flying the H-34 and CH-53.

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    Wow very nice career he had there, and great coverage Moose


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