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Thread: CVG / CLT / SDF in 5 days

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    CVG / CLT / SDF in 5 days

    Flew CVG-JAX on Allegiant A320. Pretty much like LCC in Europe - a squeeze.
    Stopped at JAX Airport pretty quiet place frustratingly difficult to get pics like most places these days.
    Then visited Cecil Field 30 mins away which is a joint Civil / Mil airport. The aircraft from JAX Naval Station were there as their runway was being repaired.
    Flitestar have a 757 freighter conversion there, I also saw Fed Ex / Southwest, Delta and Hawaiin on Mx.
    After this flew non-rev JAX-CLT took me 4 attempts (all full) and 8 hours. Arrived in Charlotte after a TZ had blown through.
    CLT is a great place for our hobby. I started off at the Cargo Terminal / old Airport and got 30 mins there sitting on top of my hire car till i got "nicked" (as we say in the UK) and told to move on by the Airport police. Then went to the official "Overlook" - wow what a great place is all i can say.
    Then after visiting the Miracle on the Hudson A320 at the Carolinas Aviation Museum flew CLT-CVG on CRJ900.
    Drove immediately to Louisville to connect with a couple of US guys from CVG but guess what the weather was dull and the wind blowing in the wrong direction so a waste of time for any pics (dam). Came back to CVG via Lexington Blue Grass Airport - nice place.

    5 flights in 5 days, 3 different hire cars. Came back home for a rest

    Some pics

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    Love the Allied Air/DHL hybrid, that's a new one for me


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