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Thread: Does anyone have any insight into these types of locations? thanks in advance

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    Does anyone have any insight into these types of locations? thanks in advance

    Hello NYC Aviation!

    Looking for some advice / comments / Partnership interest

    I'm proud to say that I've almost funded my dream of being a B&B Owner, my destiny, my reason for putting in all this hard work as a LifeStyle Concierge. But I need a little bit of your help. My idea is simple - I'm trying to fund my lease for a home I'm going to run as a Fly-In B&B.
    2 things I'm passionate about are Flying & Concierge
    Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY I traversed the USA through JFK, LaGuardia, Newark. Took my first solo flight on American Airlines at 5 years old to visit my Grandparents in West Palm Beach. During Junior High School I took up a job at the local beach club Enter (The Flamingo Kid) as a cabana Boy for three summers it was this life changing experience that made me into the concierge I am today.
    Now 32, I'm looking to open up my dream B&B. Called TAKE OFF it's a Fly-In B&B located directly on the taxiway of Bermuda Dunes Airport _Bermuda Dunes, CA(KUDD)
    -I have a website Aviators or plane enthusiasts can use in order to book a stay @TakeOFF.
    -I will arrange for everything guests will need while visiting the desert. Thereís so much to do in the desert having somebody like myself to make reservations, T times, etc. leaves all the time you have come with for Relaxation.
    (Communicating with the Airport for Fuel, landing fees, tie downs for your plane or just putting it in the hanger located inside the B&B)
    -As a complete Concierge experience I will also be arranging food reservations using my extensive connection to local Chef's & fine dinning. Sushi/Italian/Asian
    -Takeoff is a comfortable, luxurious, private destination in the desert where all of your needs are fulfilled by me your personal concierge. Need me to stock the fridge with something you want?
    I can do that.
    -Bring your plane or have one drop you off!
    -I will offer the hanger as a Private event space too (views of the mountains, sunset)
    -Holiday Parties, Weddings

    This is a small idea with lots of possibilities to grow. Iím looking for initial investors to get the final stage up and running as well as people to stay on as consultants. If you have any questions please donít hesitate to ask.
    Thanks for stopping by, maybe next time youíll be flying in to visit!

    Fly into style in this outstanding, one-of-a-kind mid-century-modern showplace, which boasts the unique distinction of offering its own attached airplane hanger directly adjacent to the taxiway of Bermuda Dunes Airport. One of the only homes in the Coachella Valley to offer this feature. Dramatic barrel ceilings air out living areas that span approx. 2,397 s. f. and include a redesigned kitchen with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, dining bar and nook, and stainless steel appliances; and a master suite with double shower and steam room. Upgrades abound in the swank 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath design, which also includes terrazzo flooring inside and out, 5 Sony HDTVs, custom artwork, finished 2-car garage with ample built-in cabinetry, and a private courtyard pool and spa. Approx. 3,976 sq. ft. under one roof.

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    What planet are you thinking about opening this on?
    Probably the youngest spotter ever to walk up the face of the mounds.
    Jared B. -Boces Aviation Ops Student, Jericho NY

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    Lemme tell ya; if I could buy the Inwood Golf Course, you better believe I'd set up a spotter's lodging there. I'd charge at the Gaye, too, for non-guests. Who wants the food-stand concession?
    Spotters have been Homeland Security before HS was a glimmer in the president's eye.

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    Good luck with that.

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    Where the PARK routing crosses the Expressway Visual 31
    Nice ad. Phil didn't make you pay for this?

    Sure, why not? You can probably find at least a handful of people who will hop in the Malibu and head over to Palm Desert for the weekend. Airplane owners are always looking for excuses to fly places.
    Is a B&B the right type of lodging for the market? Are you looking mostly for retired folks? People playing golf for a dudes' weekend? Families with children? You've got to find the intersection of both airplane owners and people who will want to stay in a B&B.

    What's the width/height of the hangar? What's the largest airplane that it will accommodate? A Bonanza, a Malibu, a PC-12, a Navajo? This is a very important consideration and will let you know

    Finally, does the zoning even allow you to run an accommodations business? Does the FAA have specific regulations regarding hotels and through-the-fence operations?

    My guess is once you segment this out and account for the seasonality of the area, it won't make sense, but it's not my money on the line...

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