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Thread: Looking for some tail numbers

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    Looking for some tail numbers

    I am searching for an airplane that flew from FCO (Fiumicino Rome) to JFK on the 05th of June 2008,
    operated by Delta Airlines. The flight number was DL201. I need the registration (tail) number.
    It was a Boeing with two engines. I have a photo but it was taken from the front of the plane.

    I am also looking for another airplane that flew from JFK to MXP (Malpensa Milano) on the 02nd of October 2008,
    operated by Alitalia. The flight number was AZ0605.

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    First off, welcome, Rosen!

    Sorry to say, but the only databases that I know of that would have this information are for domestic flights only. There is really no log kept for international flights, regardless of airline, that go back that far. At least not ones that are publicly available.
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    Welcome, Rosen!
    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Where the PARK routing crosses the Expressway Visual 31
    DL201 on June 5, 2008 was N194DN.
    I don't see AZ605 for the October 2 departure, but the AZ604 on October 2, which is the inbound for 605, was I-DEIG.

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    Mateo, where do tou get your informatuon from?
    Is it possible to look up some European flights?


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