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Thread: HoBe Parking Lot.

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    HoBe Parking Lot.

    Anybody coming out for UN week or just general spotting. The parking lot at the HoBe location has been reconfigured. The lot is now smaller (less spots) and parking spots that used to face the water no longer do. They have gone from vertical to horizontal.
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    Hi folks,

    We will be out next week for the UN Week, travelling from the Netherlands. I tried to find the HoBe parking lot but HoBe seems to be an abbreviation, right? Could you please explain the full name so that I can find it on maps and include it for our trip preparation.

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    Hey Bas, check out the spotting guide and map for JFK at this link. It should answer all your questions. "HoBe" is spot 'A' on the list, also known as "Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge North".
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