A compilation of all my plane spotting footage from June and July at Detroit metro, Dtw
Virgin, A330
Swiss, A330
Delta, 747-400
Virgin, 787-9
United, 777
Alaska, 737-900 (Disney livery)
American, A321
Sun Country, 737-700
Jet Blue, A320 (Vets in blue livery)
American, 737-800 (Astrojet livery)
SouthWest, 737-700
Lufthansa, A340 (Star alliance livery)
American, A320
Swift Air, 737-400 (Rolling Stones livery)
Air Canada, A319 (Kid horizons livery)
Olympia Aviation, MD81
SouthWest, 737-800 (Missouri one livery)
AIr Canada Jazz, Dash-8-100