The nose is ugly but I think the winglets are COOL! Very happy to add this aircraft to the long list of types I've filmed and/or seen. There were two other chances to get video later that day but neither worked for me. The first one was when it took off... on 22L instead of on 28R like I was hoping it would. Instead of going north (as I had heard planned) it headed south for a while before returning.... on 27L. Runway 27L is one of the hardest runways to film landings and take-offs from O'Hare on due to the expanse of rental car parking lots that inconveniently take up all the approach area and the large tangle of highway interchanges that are located even further out. There's not much chance at getting a good shot if spotting en masse. So this will have to do.

My friend Tyler Gross of Indy'sAirportSpotter makes a cameo as the airplane touches down.
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My good friend Jose also got a video! an even better shot than this in my opinion. Watch it here! Check out his channel at

Thanks for watching!

Airbus A350 A350-900 A350-941 F-WWCF (cn 002)

Was AIB#359 from Newark Liberty International Airport KEWR / EWR

Wearing the Airbus Industries "Carbon-Fiber" Paint livery.
Several other aircraft have had this same registration before delivery from Airbus to their respective airlines.


Recently performed at the Paris Air Show 2015. Recently visited these airports Paris – Le Bourget Airport (LBG / LFPB), Taoyuan (Taipei) – Taiwan International Airport (Chiang Kai Shek) TPE/RCTP, London Heathrow International Airport EGLL / LHR, more Paris Le Bourget Airport, more Paris Le Bourget Airport, Toulouse – Blagnac Airport (LFBO / TLS), Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport LFPG / CDG, Madrid Barajas International Airport LEMD / MAD, Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport KDFW / DFW, Hamburg – Finkenwerder Airport XFW / EDHI
… AND NOW Chicago O’Hare International Airport KORD / ORD!!

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