To Soccer fans the Champions League Final was held in Berlin on Saturday between Barcelona and Juventus.
This meant a big lift of flights and bizjets into Berlin (most clubs get around 25000 seats for fans with the rest going to Corporate or Leagues or FIFA cronies etc)

There are two airports at Berlin TXL Tegel and SXF Schonefeld. A new airport Brandenberg BER has been built on the SXF airport but due to issues with fire suppression ( i think) it's running late by the odd 2-3 years, most un-german like

The Northern Runway at SXF is closed for repair so flights are currently using the BER runway which must be 3 miles away!

Parking / slots at TXL were an issue so most flights went to SXF

Some pics here on a German web site

and a few pics of mine

Cheers Andy