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Thread: CLT - 3/15/2015 [IMG Heavy]

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    CLT - 3/15/2015 [IMG Heavy]

    I visited CLT on my way down south and left with way more shots than I had anticipated thanks to the new garage spot.

    First I stopped by the overlook and the gorgeous day (mid 70's, clear sky) seemed to bring everyone out; the most crowded I've seen it!

    I stayed at the overlook long enough to get a few departures:

    Headed south for Augusta.

    E175 with the new winglet design, just two months old.

    Since they were using the 36's and traffic was slow I decided to give the garage a try.
    And wow what an incredible sight from up there!!

    The new colors taking over!

    RJ getting detached from the tug.

    Dash 8 ready for push-back.

    Flight 4944 heading out for departure to Lynchburg, one of 10 flights "Delta, Charlie" made that day.

    The new CLT "signature shot" with the Panther's logojet over the Bank of America Stadium and an A332 taxiing in.

    Taxiing to the gate after arriving from Punta Cana.

    "Amflight 743" departing on its Sunday-Thursday run to central Florida.

    A few more skyline shots:

    Rear view of a JBU E190.


    Some sodas ready to be stowed.

    The afternoon rush picking up...


    Finding their gate.

    US/AA, LH, an RJ and some museum birds visible in the background.

    Some mainline action.

    Near perfect sunset light.

    Old passes new.

    Finding the gate on one engine.

    Taxiing to the gate with a feathered prop.

    "Pretty in Blue" arriving at sunset from JFK.

    Finally, a panorama of the new view at sunset.

    I was able to meet a few local spotters on the garage that explained how nice and understanding law enforcement has been to them with regards to spotting up there.
    It's a great (cheap) spot and one I'm very much looking forward to spotting at again!

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    We must have just missed each other, Chris - I was at the Overview around 1:30, and on the deck from 3 to 4 on Sunday. Glad you had a good day to take advantage of the new deck.

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    Oh man, that was close I got to the garage at about 5-5:30, maybe next time! It was a perfect day for spotting.
    I only wish that there was some more mainline action but beggars can't be choosers. I'll have to give it a try when they're on the 18s.

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    Chris .... nice shots ... The A330 looks sweet in the American colors.
    Queens, NY

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    My photos at: JetPhotos and ANet

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    Way too much PSA crap and not nearly enough Piedmont DHC-8 metal. Nice angles though, wonder where that mesa 900 was headed that caused it to roll so long? CLT is now on the list for me in the near future!


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