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Thread: 10/16/2014 - Hickory Aviation Museum / Collins Foundation

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    10/16/2014 - Hickory Aviation Museum / Collins Foundation

    I meant to post this sooner, but last week, the Collins Foundation Wings of Freedom tour stopped in at the Hickory Aviation Museum. They were supposed to arrive on Wednesday afternoon, spend the day Thursday, then head to Greenville, SC on Friday for the weekend. Poor weather delayed them until Thursday afternoon, and I took a ride out after work to shoot them.

    B-17 "Nine O Nine"

    B-24 "Witchcraft"

    P-51C "Betty Jane"

    This aircraft is painted in the markings of WWII Ace Charles "Sandy" McCorkle. Early in the war, McCorkle flew British Spitfire fighters, loaned to the USAAF, and shot down 5 enemy aircraft, earning the "Ace" title. He then transitioned to the P-51, where he shot down another 6 enemy aircraft. McCorkle was a native of Newton, NC, only 15 miles away from the Hickory airport, site of the museum.

    This North American FJ-3M Fury is part of the museum collection, but it was in a nice spot so I got a couple of shots. We're talking about doing a full night shot of their ramp.

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    Simply beautiful!!!
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    Great shots Moose!

    Rich B

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    In the the early 90's we used to fly DC3s into HKY on a regular basis, great shots !!!
    The beehive hummm of the JT9D and GE CF680C2,the thunder of the JT8D-17,the rumble of the PW1830 and the high ,thin whine of the PW 545A are all music to my ears!

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    Great shots Moose. Nice being able to see stars in those shots.
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