I never heard of One Direction until this weekend when they played the Alamodome, but a friend said his kids were going to the show and he had figured out they were traveling on 'XLS1032' and asked where they would likely park, I never really seen Excel-aire come here so I had no idea. Sunday I went out to spot about 1.5 hours before their arrival and saw 8 or so black suburbans at Signature so I texted him and headed over to my regular spot across from Landmark, pulling up I noticed 5-6 vehicles and numerous teens running to and from Landmark and the lot across the street. I get my scanner, phone and camera ready, started taking pics of jets arriving when a group of teen girls come up and asked why a 40 year old man (i took that as a compliment ) would be out to take photos of '1D', I just laughed and told them about the suburbans at Signature and if they wanted to see them that's the place to be. Well they didn't believe me and thought I was just trying run them off so they wouldn't be in my way? LOL It was actually quite amazing that they were all on Twitter or something going back and forth about guessing where the band would park, supposedly Millionaire called APD on the group that was there. About 30 minutes before scheduled arrival 3 black suburbans pull into Landmark and go through the gate and about 20 minutes later a blocked Gulfstream, N9102, landed and pulled onto the Landmark ramp, parked in plain view from the street, the airstair unfolds and the opening act '5 Seconds of Summer' starts deplaning, the 50-60 girls that were waiting run down to the ramp gate screaming, one member of the band came to the fence much to the delight of the young crowd.

Two Embraers that brought 1D and entourage..

Headed over to Signature to see what I could see but the second plane didn't have anyone special on it, still a big group over there..