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Thread: AC7462 into LGA 9/8 - Odd Landing Route?

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    Question AC7462 into LGA 9/8 - Odd Landing Route?

    Hello everyone!

    I had a fun day of flying yesterday. Managed to fly 3 different aircraft into 3 different cities over the course of about 6 hours. On my last leg I was on Air Canada Express 7462, an E-175, into LGA and I noticed the plane take quite the landing path.

    At first we came straight down the hudson (and hit some pretty bad turbulence that resulted in the passenger next to me spilling juice on my pants) and then passed just left of Poughkeepsie. We then began a left turn, which I assumed was to come into RWY 31. However, at some point over Connecticut we made a sharp right and flew back the other way and began flying down New Jersey. We flew over Teterboro, just left of Giants Stadium, right over my own house in Jersey City and then just slightly left of EWR. We were so close to EWR, I could see all the ground movements clearly. I'd say we were no more than 2,500ft ASL. We went on down and right as we hit the Carteret area, we swung left. We went along into Brooklyn and passed JFK just a bit. We were also close enough to note ground movements. By this point I could've sworn we somehow were going to end up landing IN JFK. At the last second, however, the captain swung the aircraft left pretty hard and began to drop it like a brick. We were skimming rooftops, treetops, the whole 9 and next thing I knew a slight turn to the right and we were touching down on RWY 4 with a VERY hard landing and a VERY hard stop to accompany it. It seems like we landed much farther down than the pilot would've liked to.

    Either way, the whole landing had me very confused. Flight didn't seem to be taking off from that RWY, so I'm still trying to figure out why the whole tour of the NYC area.

    Was it a fun landing? Yes. But, did it confuse the living ba-jesus out of me? HECK Yes!.

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    Looks like a pretty standard routing to me.


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