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Thread: Bradley (BDL) and the ACLU

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    I will definitely be visiting BDL in a couple of weeks. Is it possible to get some photography in at the 24 side in the morning? Or is the situation still volatile and the authorities will still not have it?

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    My advice is don't go to the 24 side because there are a lot of signs (No Trespassing) everywhere on the perimeter roads. If CSP (CT State Police) see you there he or she would either ask you to leave or give you a ticket for a simple trespassing ($92.00 fine) or possible you get arrested. Keep in mind, BDL is NOT very friendly to the aviation enthusiasts/Spotters/Photographers. They DO NOT want you to take photos of the airplanes or watch the planes. Yes, very sad indeed!! :-(

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    For what it's worth I've been in touch with the CAA regarding other aviation photography business away from BDL. Next time I am in touch with them I intend to bring up the BDL hostility in hopes that they back off a bit and give us a chance to do some spotting.

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    Thanks for the advice BDL guy! Very sad indeed.


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