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Thread: Lady Gaga, KSAT 7-14-2014

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    Lady Gaga, KSAT 7-14-2014

    Arriving just before 8pm on XOJ508 from Chicago Midway at Landmark Aviation.

    Her guard dog eye-balling me, LOL

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    Nice catch and a smile as well.
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    Good shot of Lady Gaga at Midway. I've seen celebrity lookalikes at KPNE but no real celebrities. I saw a Ric Flair lookalike but he looked too young to actually be Ric Flair. I also saw a woman who kind of looked like Cara Delivingne and Zooey Deschanel mixed into one but it wasn't either of them. Still waiting for my first celebrity sighting at KPNE or KPHL except for a few Colorado Rockies players disembarking from an Elan 727-200, some Flyers players, and President Barack Obama.


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