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Thread: Berlin Air Show 2014

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    Berlin Air Show 2014

    The Berlin Air Show is held at the ILA Exhibition Centre which is situated at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. To those that don't know this airport is brand new but hasn't opened yet (i think its 2-3 years overdue) due to wiring and fire alarm issues. It was meant to replace the bulging Tegel airport (TXL) and SXF (Schoenfield). SXF is actually on the same airport, i guess it was going to be demolished when Brandenburg opens. Currently costing the State and local Government 1 million euros a day to stand idle whilst the debate on funding the repairs goes on. There are also rumours the new runway also has a flooding issue. Most un German like for sure.

    Anyway to the show.

    I attended on Friday the first public day.
    Bad points: Just 1 biz jet there, clashed with Ebace at GVA i was told (a biz show)
    No Boeing Commercial aircraft at all, big fat zero apart from a C17.
    Mainly military stuff.
    Traffic departing SXF could be seen but too far away for photos
    No A350 did a fly by on trade day i heard

    Good points:
    Air show started about half ten and went through to late afternoon. Always something in the air from UAV to A310.

    Red Bull DC6 was my highlight

    I'd give it a 6 from 10

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    Wow. If that show only gets a 6 out of ten in your book, you have some high standards, sir. Will finish looking through your photos later but it looks like an INCREDIBLE day.

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    Hi there,

    I can see why he only give 6 out of 10, would give the same amount of point. I was at the ILA the first and second day, where it was open for Trade only. The A350 was the highlight of the show for sure. I had the rare opportunity to visit the aircraft from the inside, pretty cool with all the test equipment installed.
    But as mentioned, the fact that the EBACE was going on at the same time did not help.

    As I recall the Salon de'Bourget (Paris Air Show) there where far more exibitors last year than this year in Berlin. The Berlin Air Show is just not as important as Paris, Farnborogh, Dubai, Singpore...
    Of the big aircraft manufactors only Airbus was pressent, no Boeing, no Embraer, no Bombardier, even no ATR.

    And regarding the Flying Display, the Patrouille Suisse had a great Display which was also limited due to German law, also the Solo Turk was flying, thou I missed that display. But during the first two days there was not a lot of action going on in the air.

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    I should have said that apparently Berlin Air Show is seen as a local show perhaps than say the German Air Show.
    6 out of 10 was still worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. Roll on 2016


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