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Thread: March in SXM

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    March in SXM

    I had the pleasure of spending the month of March in SXM, a respite from a long and harsh Toronto winter. I shot over 150 Gigs of images and am just beginning to process them. I thought I might share some from time to time

    1/ ArkeFly 767 over Maho Bay bringing 80 sailors for the Heineken Regatta. The flight would continue on to Curacao

    DSC_8479Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    2/ Jetblue A320 departing Rwy 28 for JFK operating flight 788

    DSC_8499Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    3/ Up close and personal with KLM as Flight 785 prepares to continue to Curacao

    DSC_8507Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    4/ ArkeFly backtracks Rwy 10 to continue the flight to Curacao

    DSC_8547Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    5/ Up close and personal with ArkeFly at the threshold of Rwy 10

    DSC_8553Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    6/ Insel Air waiting at the Alpha Hold line before departing Rwy 10 to Curacao

    DSC_8598Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    7/ Air France backtracking Rwy 10 for a departure to CDG

    DSC_8608Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    8/ A last minute check of the paperwork for this Delta crew before departing Rwy 10 to JFK

    DSC_8627Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    9/ Skyway Shorts 360 taxiing to Rwy 10 after sunset for a flight to San Juan

    DSC_8657Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    10/ United 737 lined up on Rwy 10 at SXM after sunset. This aircraft had gone tech the day before

    DSC_8676Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr



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    This is an excellent set, I checked out your flickr stream and can't decide which shot I like best! Great job with the different perspectives

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    Great shots .... checked out your web-site and you have a great collection!!! Fantastic perspectives as well.
    Queens, NY

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    What a great set of photos from one of my favorite airports, you did an excellent job of catching the action and I was impressed with the number of Runway 28 departures you got. Judging from the large number of photos from that location I presume you stayed at the La Terrasse? Somewhere I really want to stay on my next SXM trip.



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    Thank you all for the nice comments - I did stay at La Tarrasse - we rent a condo on the third floor - it is excellent for views of the approach



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    A few more from SXM

    1/ US Airways 767 from Philadelphia arriving over Maho Bay

    DSC_8769Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    2/ The return flight to PHL backtracking Rwy 10

    DSC_8813Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    3/ Insel Air taxiing for Rwy 10 after sunset

    DSC_8867Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    4/ Sunwing Flight 764 arriving from Montreal

    DSC_8902Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    5/ Air Caraibes A330 from Paris Orly over Maho Bay for Rwy 10

    DSC_8949Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr

    6/ Just another pleasant quiet day enjoying the sun on Maho Beach in St Maarten

    DSC_9141Pwm by T.O. Images, on Flickr



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    Fantastic shots Trevor! Not your typical SXM coverage. Love that UA 73. Hope you make it down to JFK again one of these days.
    -Don B.

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    Thanks Don,

    I am hoping to make it down to JFK, maybe 2 times this year, early August and then for UNGA, all subject to change. Looking forward to hooking up with you guys



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    Great Shots!!!

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