That time of the year I had to go to MSP for work for 3 days for my recurrent run/taxi qual for the airline I work for.

Flight out: 4-14-14 Dtw-Msp
Boeing 757-200
The flight was pretty un-eventful and left on time with no issues

Flight back home: 4-16-14 Msp-Dtw
We got to the gate and were told there was a gate change for a reason that was not announced. We got to the new gate to find there was no aircraft. The plane had to come from the hangar. We took about a 30 minute delay for the plane being towed over and then needing a security sweep.
We got on the aircraft and pushed from the gate. After the crew started both engines we sat for about 5 minutes before the CA came on stating there was a caution message pertaining to the #1 engine. So, we waited about 5 more minutes for the rampers to come back and marshal us back in.
MX met the plane at the gate when we came back in. They were able to reset the computer to what ever system was having the issue. After a quick engine run at the gate with no message we were given the ok to go.
After we pushed back the 2nd time, We sat another 5 minutes before starting to turn out than suddenly stopping. We all were thinking the message must have came back... About a minute later we taxied out to the deice pad, got deiced and then taxied to the runway.
The climb out was pretty bumpy but after that it was pretty smooth.

The first day of our recurrent training (the class room portion) we got a nice tour of Deltas hangar and office areas. As well as the Endeavor Air hangar and C-tower, which is the corporate headquarters. Also got to check out a Hawaiian Airlines A330 that was visiting.
The 2nd day (the simulator) took place at the PanAm International Flight Academy where the Saab 340, Crj200, Crj900 and E170/75 simulators are housed. After covering what fire drills and other situations for a little over an hour in our 2 hour sim slot, we were done with the required stuff we needed to do and given the ok to fly.
I am not a pilot and despite working on Crjs my whole career and how often I have to fly in the jump seat, I really don't know the V and Approach speeds. Yes I know I was off the center line. Other than that it wasn't a horrible landing.