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Thread: Aviation Bookstore in NYC ?

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    Aviation Bookstore in NYC ?

    Hi guts and gals, New on this forum. I am looking for a Bookstore with some decent collection of books or video's for the aviation enthusiast. Not looking for pilot or ATC or technical engineering or egulation stuff. Just your general aviation enthusiasm. Something like good olde Motorbooks in London. I am Flemish myself and we have at least two great bookstores for about 10 million inhabitants. Zo, surely there must be something in THE Big Apple ? Thanks a lot for you help.

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    Welcome PVC! I don't think there is such a store, or by now someone here would probably have mentioned it. I will tell you that the last time I was in Barnes and Noble in Philadelphia looking for aviation books, when I asked the worker why I could only find 2 books on planes, in the ENTIRE store, she said "oh we don't carry those anymore because there's really no demand. But you can get on our website or special order a book to be shipped here". The whole purpose of me being there was to be able to look at the book before buying it, that's kind of the idea. Damn internet!

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    The Strand bookstore near union square has a fairly large section of used aviation titles. Just go downstairs to the basement and ask where the aviation sections are.
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    While not a bookstore and its only 1 day a year I strongly recommend marking your calender for Sept 6 2014 for the annual Newark Airline Memorabilia show at the Ramada at EWR airport, you should find hundreds of books and DVD's of Commercial Aviation along with lots of other airline collectibles, always a great show.



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    Possibly The Red Caboose, on 23 W.45th Street in Manhattan. This would be between 5th & 6th Aves. Otherwise, I use, or scan the adverts in Airliners and Airliner World magazine. I'll probably try The Red Caboose myself.

    I remember this one hobby shop on East 51st or E52nd in Manhattan, right by St. Pats, had all of that stuff. This was quite a few years back. It's where I picked up my first JP Airline Fleet book back in the Summer of '79. Wish I could remember the name.
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