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Thread: So...I guess I violated the FAA's Policy against Photographing Aircraft?

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    Let's not hijack the thread to debate the treatment of terrorism. Maybe start a new topic in the appropriate forum category for it.

    As for the incident at hand, there is always a risk involved, regardless of what someone's true rights are. Yes, he was within his rights to stand up to the officer, but that doesn't mean that he was wrong for not doing so, because the situation could have become ugly very fast and he may not have wanted that. Some people, regardless of the end result of incarceration and possible legal battles...would just much rather go home for dinner with their families.

    I have stood up to officers, but only when I was alone, as I'd never risk fellow enthusiasts' potential confrontation with police. Thankfully, I came out on top, but I step up knowing full well that, regardless of the reality of the law and my rights, I can still end up in a jail cell and have quite the battle ahead of me. That fight is not for or worth it to everyone.
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    Ask him what FFA stands for. Then ask him politely for the Section or Code from the FFA regulations that states unambiguously pictures of civilian aircraft are illegal. Then whip out your phone and look it up before you leave. -- make him look like the misinformed imbecile he is. I'd do it here in CHO without hesitation.


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