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Thread: Getting To Know Each Other

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    Sorry guys we kinda hijacked this thread with our music talk.

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    As a child, I had was diagnosed with an awful 'lazy eye' in my right eye. I had to wear an eye patch and Rx glasses over the patch from age 2 - 7. I spent Kindergarden, first and most of my second grade years getting ridiculed more than a kid should endure at that age. Thankfully, there was no social media back then, so the bullying was nothing compared to today's standard.

    Anyways, after I couldn't take the insults and name calling, I refused to wear the patch anymore. My muscles in my right eye never strengthened to correct to 20/20. Today, I can go take an eye exam and at best, I would guess somewhere around 20/100 and I am extremely near sighted in that eye. Thankfully, the patch straightened my eye out and it no longer points to my nose bridge. No surgery can fix the issue and if I wear a patch again full time, I can probably strengthen the muscles, but I have lived with pretty much seeing out of my just my left eye.

    Another issue I have with the eye issue is flying. I have a Statement of Demonstrated Ability Waiver (SODA) to fly with one eye. While I only fly privately, I can get an ATP rating with one eye. The only issue I have is when I renew my medical, I have to go up with a flight surgeon from the FAA to endorse my waiver. I have to do some touch and go's, judge distances and show an overall proficiency with one eye.
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    Some random facts about me:

    *I've been to jail before...but not for the reason you'd think!
    *Big time wrestling and soccer fan.
    *I've lived overseas before in South Korea and London.
    *Been to more than 40 different countries and I try heading overseas at least once a year.
    *My mother is from Greece and my dad is Canadian, but Jewish. I have US, Canadian and Greek citizenships. They're still happily married.
    *Born in SC, but also lived in DC, MA and Canada before moving to NYC 14 years ago.
    *Big time gamer, especially at my age.
    *Love mobile technology.
    *And this one is really personal, but I'm a heart attack survivor. And no, I was not close to being slightly overweight, not that old and I have always been in good shape and ate pretty healthy, plus early heart disease is not in my family history. I was lucky to get to the hospital when I did and there was minimal damage and I have normal heart functionality. Doctors were clueless as to why it happened. Since then, I have focused even more on healthy eating and exercise and have lost 20lbs since it happened about six months ago.

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    Some facts about me. I had polio as a kid; there was no Salk vaccine back then. I am left-handed so I was made fun of plus I was called "4-eyes" for wearing glasses. The polio left me with a limp. I have scoliosis which made me 4F for serving in Nam. I have OCD; explains why I get obsessed with spotting. Flew on Concorde G-BOAB back in '79. Babysat actress Mariska Hargitay once back in 1964. Have been spotting since 1977.My very first flight ever in 1970 to SFO on a TWA B747 made a crash landing at JFK due to a blown tire; didn't bother me. Collect airline memorabilia; used tickets, luggage tags, timetables, in-flight mags

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    First flight I was 4 in 1971 JFK-LAX on AA 747, I still remember I had to wear a suit, and the captain took my Grandparents on a tour of his new plane.
    Grew up under LGA RWY 31 expressway Vis. approach and 31 take-off, back when most of the flights were much nosier, remember many EA L1011's and AA and UA DC-10's loved the sound of EA Electra's, and windows rattling from 727's.
    Love to SCUBA dive. I've dove many of the local wrecks off Long Island though now with 3 kids diving time is much harder to find.
    Overheard on JFK TOWER - S Turns are fine, U-Turns are bad....


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