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Thread: Why Airbus 320 is most Famous and Purchased instead of Boeing 737?

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    I know I'm bringing up an old thread but...

    The Airbus a320 is not necessarily selling better. There have been 10,253 ordered and delivered total vs. Boeing's 11,774 orders and deliveries.

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    I worked for an airline flying both B733 and A320, Air New Zealand and the truth is the Airbus A320 is an accountant's plane whilst the B733 was a pilot's plane. I compare the B737-300 which is an analog for the B737-700 because when the A320 first came out the B733 was still dominant. Also from a baggage handler perspective the undercarriage legs on B737NG aircraft were much taller making entry to the baggage holds harder. Unless Boeing can adapt the B737 to use ULDs then it will become extinct.

    The Boeing 737-300 required a gang of six baggage handlers for a 30 minute turnaround whilst the A320 took just two guys with scissor lifts. The A320 could take special ULD devices, which means they actually get preloaded in the baggage hall, not on the tarmac. This centralised manpower in one place.

    In the B733 we had two guys in the nose hold, whilst at the rear we needed two guys inside the rear hold, one on the belt loader and a loading foreman to supervise. Six in total. Sum up the wages and you get your reason.

    Also I did a paper exercise once comparing the performance of a B721 with a B733 and A320 from NZWN to Sydney and Brisbane. The A320 had the capacity of B727-200 series, fuel consumption superior to B733 and the speed of a 727.

    The A320 NEO is going to blow away the B737 for fuel consumption. I am not familiar with the B737 MAX so plead ignorance. I suspect both A320 and B737 will get blown away soon by new offerings from Embraer and Mitsubishi given the new fuel efficient engines on offer. The real war is to convince accountants.


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