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Thread: Airport Watch Provides Additional Layer of Security

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    Airport Watch Provides Additional Layer of Security

    From TSA Blog Central

    A unique partnership between the Bensenville, Illinois Police Department, TSA and the FBI has added some extra eyes and ears to perimeter security at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport (ORD).
    In 2010, the Bensenville Police Department developed the first Airport Watch Program in Illinois. The program enlists volunteers, many of whom combine their aviation “spotting” activities and photography hobbies to increase security at the airport.
    According to the Bensenville Police Department, Airport Watch volunteers provide the same sort of security as a Neighborhood Watch program. Members monitor aviation procedures, the condition of fencing around the airport property, wildlife activity, parking lots, suspicious behavior, and flying debris.
    “Security is a shared responsibility and we encourage the program’s participants, and all citizens, to report any suspicious activity to TSA or local law enforcement,” said TSA FSD Kathleen Petrowsky. “We’re proud to provide support and training to the Bensenville Police Department Airport Watch Program to help improve security here at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.”
    This group of aviation enthusiasts meets monthly with representatives from the FBI, Chicago Police Department and TSA. All members must successfully complete a background check and are vetted through the Bensenville Police Department. The ORD Airport Watch has even participated in full scale ORD aviation exercises such as Active Shooter and Disaster and Emergency Response drills.
    “Their presence and quick notification to authorities has helped reduce crime around ORD and in neighboring communities,” added ORD AFSD-LE Jeffrey Quiroga.
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    Maybe the link to this thread could be forwarded to PANYNJ. Looks like and sounds like a great idea if it's working already at one of the busiest major airports in the country.
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    It's pretty scary when a governmental agency actually starts using some common sense! Maybe some others will sit up and take notice.

    Yeah, I know...but a guy can dream, can't he?

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    Isn't this the same program that was the basis for that CNN article discussed here recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by megatop412 View Post
    Isn't this the same program that was the basis for that CNN article discussed here recently?
    I was thinking the same thing when I saw this...


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