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Thread: Reports: Southwest 737 Escorted To Phoenix By F-16s

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    Post Reports: Southwest 737 Escorted To Phoenix By F-16s

    Reports: Southwest 737 Escorted To Phoenix By F-16s

    NYCAviation is receiving word on Monday evening that Southwest flight 2675, from Los Angeles to Austin-Bergstrom, has been escorted by 2 F-16 fighters into Phoenix. It is unclear what has happened at this point, but we will bring you the latest as it develops. From the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Facebook page: “A Southwest [...]
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    I am not sure if you all are aware but I work for US Airways and I was on the ramp at PHX the day this happened. I was hanging out between flights at B27 and I had my camera out. I looked out to the horizon and had a glimpse of the 737 and there was two small specks flying all around this bird. I was like what the heck. I looked through my view finder and was able to figure out that those two objects were F16 escorting this bird in. I went to snap some photos and I got a fEE error code on the camera. WTF come on camera, so I turned it off and on. Same code, well crap guess I will just get watch the show. This birds waited till the WN smoked her mains then blasted off about 5 ft from the deck. I tell you this was the coolest thing ever. Just wish I could have got the dam photo.

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    And the SWA is appropriately names The "Warrior"...
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