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Thread: Manassas Regional Airport Air Show - 5/4/2013

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    Manassas Regional Airport Air Show - 5/4/2013

    The Manassas Regional Airport, outside of Washington, DC, hosted an air show this past Saturday. I had heard about it, but really hadn't planned to attend. They didn't have a big line up, it's a 6 hour drive for me, and I had some other photo plans for the weekend.

    Then Thursday night, this guy called me to say he was at the show...

    So I packed up, and hit the road Friday after work. The Warrior Aviation flight team was on display, with their L-39 and Yak-9. I guess you could call this the Soviet Heritage Flight pass...

    The "Flying Farmer" made off in a Piper Cub, to predictable results.

    A gaggle of Stearmans

    Wax on, wax off.

    I hadn't seen a wing-walker at an air show in ages!

    After the show, and a little IAD spotting, I headed into DC. As I was pulling into a parking lot next to the Tidal Basin and near the Washington Monument, I heard rotors overhead and low. Looking out the sunroof, I see three USMC white-top helos above me, en route to the White House...

    A short time later, one popped out from between the trees, and I managed to get a quick shot.

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    Nice set Moose - I particularly like the waxing shot. Very nice.

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    Great shots as always Moose !!
    BTW, I see Derf has been promoted and his very own official flight suit now

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    Nice work Moose!
    Queens, NY

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