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Thread: Rusty Old Junkyard

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    Rusty Old Junkyard

    Went on a photo shoot with some fellow meetup members to a local junk yard near Charlotte. And it really was a "junk" yard - a few old cars, but lots of old tools, equipment, and just general "stuff". I haven't quite become a rust junky just yet, but I'm working on it...

    Old IH panel truck

    Clipper coupe - Clipper was a Packard model in the early 1950s, and was sold as a separate car line in 1955-56.

    This chrome trim has seen better days.

    The rest of the Cadillac

    Creepiest Coca Cola ad ever!

    Grab a gear!

    Rusty old fence

    Just a bit of rust...

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    wow... i'd love to restore that panel van! talk about a cool ride!!!
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    Nice're right, that Coke sign is very freaky.
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    I don't know what makes rusty old cars so photogenic but for some reason it works! That Caddy's in sorry shape though, makes you think how grand it must have looked when it was new and how many heads it turned. Now it sits ignored


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