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Thread: Spitfires in Myanmar (Burma)

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    Spitfires in Myanmar (Burma)

    How exciting is this find of a cache of Spitfires found in Myanmar in perfect condition. This reminds me of the following.
    I had an old friend in SE Queensland, now deceased. One day over a few beers, he told me that as a teenager he was exempt from military service due to a weak heart. So the Americans trained him to drive a bulldozer, he told me that at the end of the war he helped dig a large pit near the airfield he was working on. They then put a lot of new aircraft still in their crates into the pit and buried them under about 10 ft of soil. We were going to go and have a look for them one day, but never got around to it, i was always too busy. He died in his 80.s ( weak heart ! lololol)
    He told me that the airfield was near to Toowoomba, i think he said Cecil Plains, dont know wether there was a yank airfield there during the war or not.

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    No buried Spitfires in Myanmar: dig sponsor
    (AFP) Feb 15, 2013
    YANGON The sponsor of a British-led team hunting for dozens of rare World War II Spitfires said to have been buried in Myanmar has abandoned the search, saying stories of the stashed planes are merely "legend". Rumours that dozens of the iconic single-seat aircraft were buried in 1945 by Britain, the former colonial power in what was then Burma, had excited military history enthusiasts, but surveys at Yangon airport in the Mingaladon district have failed to bear fruit. The project backer, online game company Wargaming, said the team "now believes, based on clear documentary evidence, as well as the evidence from the fieldwork, that no Spitfires were delivered in crates and buried at RAF Mingaladon during 1945 and 1946".
    Full story:


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