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Thread: KJFK KLGA Spotting c1970s

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    Holy crap!! Fantastic!!!
    Steve Furst

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    I like your flickr name and added you as a contact there. I love your set from Berlin in 1980- looks like not only was there an observation deck, but helpful signs to aid aircraft identification! And this was during the Cold War!!!

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    I wish I would have been around to fly Braniff at it's peak, and a 737-200 as well. I still believe those were the golden years of flying. The crew on flights in that era were like super stars!

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. The Berlin SXF was indeed prior to the wall coming down and the first aviation tour of East Germany. I did quiet a few trips into JFK on Laker DC10's in my youth as i worked there for 2 years. Needless to say no problems with Police in those days...
    I also did a tour to Houston so have fond memories of Braniff as well of course their Big Orange 747 flying to London Gatwick.
    For the avoidance of doubt the wife gave me the user name plane spotting freak, although number crunching last happened about 20 years ago when the kids arrived...

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