I made alot of thoughts over the night about us, ever since the lost of Matt we were all his friends and like family to him or I should say we r family to him. I just want to keep this in thoughts and hope all of us feel the same. We not just members to just discuss aviation or anything else. We are all family here. We r here to spend time together here on NYCAviation as always to discuss our hobby and such what but dont ever feel ashamed about one thing if any feels they need a friend or family to talk to if theres no one around that will theres always a place here for us to talk even if its PM messeging, we r all here and willing to help in anyway but dont feel ashamed. If no one is there for u, many of us here are 24/7.

before i joined NYCAviation back in 2006, Ill be honest, I didnt have many friends of my own that were real friends, I didnt have really anyone i could really talk about aviation execpt from my uncle who is aviation enthused. But i joined here, i feel like I have real friends and being in a family of aviation spotters/pilots etc. I still feel like that. This site took me along way and i fell in love with everyone here, I had many who took the time to help me how to photoshop and taking great aviation photography which i dreamed of doing since i was 15. When ever i felt down about something i would come to this sight to check out the discussions and if i was gonna spot at JFK or LGA etc I would come here to see if anyone was gonna be out or such what and go from there. When I feel depress which i am very emotional theres only one thing left for me and is u guys and planespotting. For all the help ive gotten and always will today The first I like to thank many here. I like to thank Phil Derner jr and Matt Molner who im gonna miss very much for all the help thay giving me espeacialy of getting back my CF card from PAPD from that incident at EWR same goes for Ryan Spellman, I would like to thank Kenny and Nick V for the help of trying to get my photos up on Anet and Jetphotos as well as editing. And a big thanks to many who have giving me a ride to spotting locations and fun days which we will continue to do. If I was still living down here in the city, ill be hanging out with u all planespotting and my gf Amanda would have love that too since she loves aviation. All of you guys are my family no matter how i feel and we will continue to be the top family of NYCAviation spotters. Thanks again to everyone here. Ill be back in the city to planespot with u guys on March. But as long as im not there. Im always here on the site to help with whatever i can try to do.

Lets keep us going. Love to all here