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Thread: Your 2013 Travel Plans and Hopes

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    Your 2013 Travel Plans and Hopes

    Not to take away from teh "Upcoming" thread, but I'd specifically like to hear about your upcoming plans for the new year of travel!

    I plan on taking more advantage of my flight benefits, and using them to complete more Tough Mudder races around the country. So far I'm looking at PHX in late February, Ohio in April, and SoCal in late June.

    Separately, I'm looking into MSY mid-January and SXM in March for my bday.

    How about you folks?
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    Ive already. Booked a trip to Charleston, SC in late April. Shortly i should be booking a trip to PHX in mid March to go to El Centro and Luke airshows (same weekend).

    Im hoping to get out to Dayton, OH in June and am hoping that ANC is possible for early-mid May. At the end of the year i will be in SFO for fleet week and hopefully a trip to Houston. And if i get my passport this year and dates work for me im hoping to get to SXM later in the year (thanks for idea manny).

    And possibly one or two other trips to PHX throughout the year.
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    So far, I've got spotting trips planned for LA, Miami and Montreal. Would like to get over to Europe sometime in 2013
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    None of these are 100% but likely destinations include...


    Also hoping to get to TLS for the first A350 flight.
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    My short list would include MIA, SXM, and LAX/SFO for 2013, with MIA as the most probable as we have family down there. Also, an airshow where the light doesn't look like poop or everything is backlit.

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    Definitely New England in May and Chicago in July to see family...otherwise hoping to knock off South America this year...hopefully Brazil. Maybe get a trip to Europe in?

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    I am hoping for a Europe trip of some sort, any sort (just to fly the A380 :P) and definitely the West Coast and Las Vegas, plane spotting notwithstanding :-)

    Anchorage in the summer would be nice too but not likely ...

    Airshows will likely be the same. May skip Oceana for a new venue around the same weekend if I can get the wife to allow it :P
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    Possibly Frankfurt, Miami, Cape Town, Amsterdam. Fingers crossed for a trip over to JFK or Sydney, but right now not much planned for the summer.

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    Hoping I can get to oceana this year for the air show (I had a blast last year), and hopefully down to Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary of the battle, and doing the Caribbean cruise for my wife (The reason that she puts up with my happy new year to all


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    I have a few worked related trips going to Orlando and LA. So if time permits I hope to get some spotting in.

    For personal travel I hope to make out to Vegas and maybe for Red Flag. Also on my list is SXM (especially after Sandy).
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    Photo/road trip out west in January. Arriving LAX and departing SFO. Asides from the cities themselves, I'm hoping to hit Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Death Valley, and Yosemite. If anyone has any tips for those areas, I would love to know.

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    MIA in 2 weeks and most likely back to SXM at the end of the year. Probably another trip to MIA thrown in somewhere, too.
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    Vacation in May or June to South Dakota. Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Deadwood...could be an interesting trip, photographically speaking.

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    Hi all,

    My plans are from LHR to JFK arriving on the 7th Feb to 11th Feb then arriving back to LHR on the 12th.
    I have previously posted before introducing my self, if any one is still interested meet ups, please feel free to message me on the Private message forum.
    Be nice to meet some of the NYC spotters.

    In march i am going to Belgade, to do some spotting and visit the Military Aviation museum which is about a ten minute walk from the Nikola Tesla airport, which as around 200 exhibits. Plus try out the Serbian cuisine and a few beers (Yummy).

    In June going the Salon de Le Bourget Paris, as well as some spotting at CDG. and possibly Orly, time permitting. Plus the main UK event for me Fairford RIAT in July ! Expensive show but always worth it. Mind you most of our UK airshows are not that cheap !

    Regards to NYC

    Tony Near LHR (EGLL) Heathrow.

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    Planning a trip to LAS for my friend's 21st birthday. Her dad can get us rooms at the Hard Rock for $41 bucks a night. Thinking JetBlue will be the winner here.
    Also looks like I have a wedding in NC this year too, so RDU may be happening. If so JetBlue will win my business here too.
    Spotty trips to DAB will probably happen once or twice too.

    It sucks now after that plane crash it's hard for me to fly without panicking at least once on board. I usually have problems on the outbound leg, not the return.
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