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Thread: Federal Express Boeing 727-2S2(F)(ADV) [N217FE] Taxi and Takeoff

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    Federal Express Boeing 727-2S2(F)(ADV) [N217FE] Taxi and Takeoff

    N217FE (Del 09/84) was the last Boeing 727 ever built. It was 1 of 15 727-2S2Fs that received the Valsan re-engining conversion around 1990. This aircraft was being delivered to another operator in Europe. According to flightaware, this aircraft flew KLAX-KDLH-CYYR-BIKF (LAX International - Duluth Intl - CFB Goose Bay - Keflavik Intl

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    I remember reading about this one, the last of over 1800 727's built, great video. Nice to know the 'youngest' 727 will still be operated

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