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Thread: Spotting at JFK/LGA May 2012

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    Spotting at JFK/LGA May 2012

    1. Not great light, but my first catch of this "special" Delta bird.

    2. A very rare LGA visitor and sporting a registration nearly blanked out, departing 13 for parts unknown. (non-trackable on Flightaware)

    3. I still love the classic paint job.. Departing JFK an AAL B763

    4. Slightly bigger cousin, following her over the pond.

    5. Thought this had hit about 10,000 birds at first. Happy to see it was only 10,000 markers and pens!

    6. A First for me, A330 for Jet Airways.

    7. More polished metal in the afternoon sun.

    8. Only the 2nd or 3rd time Ive captured a KLM 777 leaving JFK...

    9. Have to love the bank on departure... IB A340

    10. Another first for me, Austrian 777

    11. One of about 457 A330s I have shot this week (Ok, that might be a slight exageration...)

    12.... #458.... air Berlin...

    13. At least this Airbus has American Paint on it... well Delta paint.. err.. you know what I mean..

    14. when in Rome...

    15. Part of a delta rush hour... climbing off of Runway 13 Left

    16. The 764s are growing on me...

    17. beautiful turn in late afternoon sun. It seems as though 74s are a little less common at JFK..

    18. Some narrowbody action from 13Left..

    19. still an amazing looking aircraft, especially in LH paint...

    20. Short detour to LGA for a beautiful departure of an increasingly rare A320 in pre-merger paint..

    21. Now I see the new trend at AAL to paint certain parts of the underbody of their 738s.. all I cant think of are patches..

    22. about 15 seconds into a very, very long flight. Hope to take this flight next year...

    23. Heat Haze, but unique enough to share... just after landing Rwy 22 at JFK

    24. Another rare visitor to LGA, Business Jet E135 departs Rwy 13 on a Sunday afternoon.

    These are a few of the images I have shot in the last week with the new rig and lens. I welcome feedback as always and wish everyone a very happy and successful spotting and airshow season!

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    Hey Chris.......great stuff! Looks like you had a great day of spotting. One comment......not sure if it's me (may be someone else can confirm), but all your images appear to be a tad under exposed (dark). I suggest looking at your histogram to see if your image is exposed correctly. Also, check your metering setting (spot, center weighted, or matrix (Nikon terms), Canon uses terms like selective metering, etc. (I believe). Look forward to future postings from you.
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    Part of the reason the IB A346 is my unofficial favorite to spot is because I always see it making crazy banking departures and arrivals. Those pilots like to make things dramatic.
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    Chris, some very nice shots with some unique catches from both airports !


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    Awesome shots, Christopher. Look forward to taking the A380 with you next year. :-)

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