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Thread: Aerial Supply Drop Incoming!

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    Aerial Supply Drop Incoming!

    Unfortunately one didn't seem to make it. Not a total freefall, but I wonder if any of what was in there was still usable.

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    traffic two o'clock two miles southbound flight of four C-130s
    i'm in the middle of reading "the only thing worth dying for" about the green beret ODA that was in afghanistan just after 9/11. on one night they called in an air drop f rifles for the afghanis that were fighting with them and only two out of the three chutes worked. even though one pallet careened into the ground most of the rifles that were there were salvageable.

    i really recommend the book btw!!
    it is mathematically impossible for either hummingbirds, or helicopters to fly. fortunately, neither are aware of this.


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