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Thread: Merger speculation: Will Southwest buy Sun Country Airlines?

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    Merger speculation: Will Southwest buy Sun Country Airlines?

    Is Southwest targeting leisure carrier Sun Country Airlines for a merger or takeover? Southwest has made no such indication, but one Wall Street analyst thinks the carrier should.

    Reuters writes Stifel Nicolaus analyst Hunter Keay thinks Southwest should acquire Minnesota-based Sun Country, a move he says would bolster Southwest's presence in Minneapolis/St. Paul and -- more broadly -- boost the value of the its shares. Reuters adds that "buying Sun Country would also give Southwest access to some international routes [currently flown by Sun Country, [Keay] said."

    Keay made his comments in a research note released Monday. In it, he makes it clear that "we have no knowledge" of any merger efforts by Southwest for Sun Country or any other airline. But, he says research by his firm suggests Sun Country is a "tailor made acquisition candidate" for Southwest.

    Among the reasons Keay thinks Sun Country would be a good fit for Southwest: Sun Country's presence in the Twin Cities, a recently added Southwest market; complementary fleets and route networks; and that Southwest could "easily afford" the acquisition.
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    Stranger things have happened. I don't know that acquiring Sun Country's international routes would be a motivation though...if Southwest really wants to fly to Mexico they can do it on their own, and they still have a partnership in the works with Volaris despite the FAA ruling.

    Any idea if that weird London route was successful at all?
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    Highely unlikely. I don't what this guy is smoking but SCYs model is not that tailor made for WN. SCY has gotten through bankruptcy and is back making money again with very lucrative routes and casino charters so I doubt they are looking to be bought by WN.
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    I could see Southwest eyeing it just to grab more of the MSP market which is a pretty big one in the winter with all of the snowbirds going south but I doubt it. Than again, weirder things happen. Delta flies the Airbus so who knows. LOL
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