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Thread: How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

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    How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

    How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

    He did nothing illegal. At 44, Hugo Tassone retired from the Yonkers police force with an annual pension of $101,333 - thanks to overtime pay he tacked on to his $74,000 salary. Tassone told The New York Times it was the pension he could collect after 20 years of service that attracted him to the job in the first place.

    Heís not alone. In the last decade, half of the police and firefighters who retired in Yonkers collected pensions that exceeded their base pay, in (at least one case) by as much as 75%.

    Donít blame the officers. New Yorkís pension rules make it pay more to retire than to work. And the horrible habits here are a window on a national pension picture thatís looking more disastrous by the day.

    The bill is now coming due.

    Professor Joshua Rauh of Northwestern University projects that even if public sector plans earn 8% on their investments, four states - Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and Indiana - will run out of assets to pay retirees by the end of the decade. States and local governments will soon find themselves up against a painful tradeoff: between closing schools and libraries and cutting other essential services or paying inflated pensions to 50-year-old retirees.
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    I am all for pensions but this is a bit crazy. UPS has a good system in which you don't get over what you were making and you pay a nominal fee a month for life for full health care. Everyone wins and you don't bankrupt the company. Unlike GM and what is beginning to happen in the public sector.
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    Many Police Officers and Firefighters basically were forced to retire in 2002 because of all the overtime they got working at the WTC after 9/11. They would have lost too much money in pension if they stayed. This is common practice to work your a$$ off your last three years as these are taken to calculate your pension.

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    And its common on the LIRR as well. Work your tail off inteh last 4-5 years. You can even work a new position at a higher rate pay for a few months and retire at that higher rate.
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