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Thread: Coming Soon: Body Scanners at JFK, Newark, LaGuardia

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    Coming Soon: Body Scanners at JFK, Newark, LaGuardia

    Full body scanners that have stirred controversy for producing virtually naked images of airline passengers are coming to airports near you next month.

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that the hotly debated machines will be installed at Newark Liberty, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia international airports in September. TSA officials contend that the technology allows security screeners to see non-metal weapons like explosives that go undetected by existing metal detectors.

    In March 2010, the agency started sending out 450 machines, which were bought with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Forty-one airports across the country already have the imaging technology installed at security checkpoints, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

    While the TSA calls the technology less invasive than a pat-down, the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center is suing the Department of Homeland Security to stop the use of the machines, charging that the scanners are unconstitutional.
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    I'm going to be very niceso not cause any problems. 2 words "opt out".
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    Love how PANYNJ announced it considering they have nothing to do with it. JFK will be getting two dozen, EWR just over a dozen and luckily only one will fit at LGA

    Opt out all you want while you can.

    The backscatter and millimeter wave technology has been around and been studied for a while now. There is thermal technology that is now being tested that I believe gives you the same results without the privacy issues. Unfortunately the prior are being pushed out and the White House is mandating a thousand be deployed by end of 2011.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emshighway View Post
    Unfortunately the prior are being pushed out and the White House is mandating a thousand be deployed by end of 2011.
    there's another wonderful scheduling idea...
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    Honestly I am all for it. I mean if you don't like it opt out or take the train. You know when you buy your airline ticket what you are getting. My continuing updated Aviation Blog My continuing updated photostream from BFI and sometimes SEA


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