The goal of NYCAviation, by means of news and various resources, is to promote aviation enthusiasm in all capacities, even beyond planespotting. We love nothing more than teaming up with fellow sites, people and groups to see how we can all work together and continue to do as we say, to "Make Aviation Fun Again" in a world that tends to look on the airline industry with such negativity.

On the forums, we do not allow people to use their membership to advertise without permission, or to urge people to go to a competing website. If someone has something to promote or advertise, contact me and often we will allow you to not only post it on the forums, but we may also push it on our Facebook or Twitter pages, reaching even more thousands.

I'll give two examples.

GOOD: Just today, Mark (heeshung) posted a link to his new personal photography site ( Personal photo sites are fine, and we like them so much, you don't even need to ask permission. It's not a business that he's advertising for, just showing off his great shots. I don't even think he knows but we were posting his link on Twitter already because we love doing that kinda thing.

BAD: Also today, a new member joins and all of his/her first posts are to promote what seems to be his/her own YouTube channel. We love aviation videos, but with not even a "Hello I'm new here", and placing posts all over the forums in multiple places only to discuss your personal projects, it is clear that your intentions are only to advertise/troll here, and not actually contribute to the community. Had this person contacted me first, I'd have helped with the post and probably promoted it further.

We want the forums to be a place filled with true heart for aviation and people who have a genuine eye out for fellow enthusiasts, or people who want to truly be a part of our community.