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Thread: Pictures of the captain Carlos Silva (777 Qatar Airways)

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    31AUG13-FRA (Frankfurt)

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    31AUG13-FRA (Frankfurt)

    Carlos Schmidt

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    01SEP13-FRA (Frankfurt)

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    01SEP13-FRA (Frankfurt)

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    19AUG13-B777F Qatar Airways

    Carlos Schmidt

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    Good morning, on the 12th of September, the flight with the B777 QTR991 DOH-ORD with my friend the captain Carlos Silva, portuguese born in Mozambique. Is it the 1st flight to Chicago this new route of Qatar Airways. Arrival at ORD at 1930 utc (1330 local time)
    Is it possible some spotter can shoot the approach and landing in ORD for remembrance?
    Thank you, greetings ...

    Carlos Schmidt
    Carlos Schmidt

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    07OCT13-HAN (Hanoi)
    A321 Vietnam Airlines
    Carlos Schmidt

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    B757-225PCF DHL Int. A9C-DHC

    First flight 18OCT1985
    Carlos Schmidt

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    02NOV13- NRT (Narita-Japan)
    B787-881A ANA JA815A

    B787-881 ANA JA801A

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    02NOV13- NRT (Narita-Japan)
    B747-430 Lufthansa D-ABVY

    A380-841 SIA 9V-SKN

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    Carlos Schmidt

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    02NOV13. NRT (Narita-Japan)
    B787-8 ANA JA822A

    B767-375ER Air Canada C-FCAG

    B777F FedEx

    B787-846 Japan Airlines JA825J

    B777-381ER ANA JA784A

    B747-8HTF Korean Cargo HL

    B747-451 Delta N666US
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    Carlos Schmidt

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    02NOV13- NRT (Narita-Japan)
    B787-841 ANA

    B777-346ER Japan Airlines JA732J

    B787-8 Japan Airlines JA832J

    B777-3F6ER Philippines RP-C7775
    Carlos Schmidt

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    13JAN14-NRT (Narita-Japan)

    B747-8KZF NCA JA14KZ

    B744 Lufthansa D-ABYK
    Carlos Schmidt

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    Happy New Year Carlos! Great variety as always. Keep them coming!
    Queens, NY

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