Yasser Arafat won The Nobel Peace Prize 1994 for his "...efforts to create peace in the Middle East".

Its not impossible to imagine Adolf Hitler being nominated "pre-Holocaust" if the committee's sensibilities that obtain today existed back then.

I am sure this award comes with something nice to put on Obama's mantle or in his trophy case, but its a non-issue either way to me.... It'd be nice of Obama can pull a rabbit out of a hat at some point down the road with some sort of genuine understanding with North Korea or Iran, or between the Palestinians and Israelis, but for him to succeed, there are a number of ruthless foreign entitles and lockstep savages that would need to have just the right epiphany, and coincidentally coupled with US foreign policy not suffering a bout of hubris, or alternately, undue weakness.

Obama's influence will be challenged on even his own side of that equation.

Maybe someday...