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Thread: NYPD at LGA

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    NYPD at LGA

    So I went plane spotting for the 1st time ever at LGA yesterday, and within the first 10 minutes of me taking some pictures an unmarked black police car come's blazing into Point A at LGA. Some SGT. comes out, ask's what I was doing, asked me to see the pictures, check's out my ID and if I have ever been arrested or have any warrents and let me go. He was nice and professional so I can't complain. The officer also told me and I quote "You realize we are on High alert and that this is an airport", NO REALLY! haha, but as I said he was polite. I have a feeling it was the lady who was sitting at the bench when I arrived at Point A because as soon as I took my camera out she started walking away and kept looking over her shoulder at me. After awhile I walked over to Point B which is more secluded so I didn't run into any law enforcement.

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    Re: NYPD at LGA

    If you spend any amount of time shooting around the area airports, you will get to meet plenty of police officers. The most important thing you can do is be polite and professional in your dealings with them, which it sounds like you did. Know your rights, and don't be afraid to go out and take photos (in a legal manner - be smart about things like trespassing!) but remember to be respectful to law enforcement. They have a job to do, and most of the time, they are responding to a report from a "concerned citizen".

    Remember, it's not illegal to take photos of airplanes and a police officer can't force you to delete your pictures. Enjoy yourself and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about dealings with law enforcement - there are two types of aviation photographers - those who have been questioned by the police, and those that will be. Personally, just in the area, I've had encounters with NCPD, SCPD, NYPD, PAPD, US Park Police, and the FBI, and I've never had a problem.

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    Re: NYPD at LGA

    As a former leo & current airline employee, based on your post, appears to me both you & the leo handled things as it should be.

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